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Same reaction. Lower cost.


We're Michigan Diagnostics, we create best-in-class diagnostic reagents and kits for research and clinical applications. Our mission is to create better products, for people like you at a lower cost. It's that simple.


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"Michigan Diagnostics is a group of amazingly talented people who genuinely care about their products and customers."

— Maxwell B


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How we started

Michigan Diagnostics was founded in 1998 by Dr. Brij P. Giri with a single product line of modified cyclodextrins. By the end of 1998, MD had filed our first set of patents and had begun manufacturing our highly sensitive chemiluminescent reagents for diagnostic and clinical uses. In 2008 we expanded our production to include biochemistry kits, CLIA kits, and Rapid test kits.

We also created strategic partnerships with local and international companies to help develop and manufacture our diagnostic kits. All of our products do have some type of regulatory approval, these either come from the USA FDA, Chinese FDA or CE marked.